Warranty conditions


Boretti B.V. is the trademark holder of Boretti. The products of this brand are developed and produced with the highest possible care. Boretti B.V. guarantees the quality of the delivered articles during a warranty period of 2 years after purchase. If a problem occurs, Boretti B.V. provides a number of guarantees that you can rely on, if necessary. In this document you will find the warranty provisions that apply to all outdoor products supplied by Boretti B.V. These warranty conditions are an addition to the legal warranty obligations and do not affect the rights of consumers in any way. Boretti B.V. also acknowledges the Consumer Law.

2. Term

The warranty period applies to Boretti outdoor products supplied by Boretti B.V. The period starts on the day of delivery and can only be granted after presentation of the purchase receipt or invoice of the product. Keep these well. We advise you to save a digital scan as well, just to be sure. The warranty period is not extended after repair work. However, if it is necessary to completely replace a device within the scope of the warranty, a new warranty period will begin.

3. Coverage

The warranty covers all types of technical defects in outdoor products delivered by Boretti B.V. as a result of construction and material faults which may occur under normal use in accordance with the manual and which have occurred and are reported within the applicable warranty period. In these cases, Boretti undertakes to repair the defect on-site free of charge. If this is not possible, Boretti B.V. will decide to replace the entire product with a new one.
Boretti reserves the right to replace a product that is no longer part of its range with a minimum equivalent model. If your appliance breaks down and you cannot cook or cool as a result, Boretti B.V. will, if necessary at the discretion of Boretti B.V., strive to provide you with a loaner product as soon as possible. All parts replaced under the terms of the warranty will become the property of Boretti. These warranty conditions apply to all outdoor products marketed and in use by Boretti B.V. The warranty described in this document is valid for consumer use. Products purchased through an auction are not covered by this warranty. For professional use, a warranty of 1 year applies.

4. Home service (the warranty process)

The repair or replacement at home will be performed by the Boretti B.V. service department. If you wish to submit a warranty request, you can contact our service department directly. The contact information is mentioned at the bottom of this document (you can also turn to the dealer where you purchased the product, who will then send your warranty request to Boretti B.V.). Boretti B.V. strives to handle your warranty claim until 36 hours after receipt. Then, in consultation with you, the employees of the service department will commit themselves to a maximum repair time (rectification) of 1 working week. In the unlikely event that a part that is not essential to the operation is not in stock, then the rectification will be extended within reason.

5. Organization characteristics

Boretti B.V. has been officially certified with 5 stars by the independent warranty institute Certimark. This is the highest possible rating. The corresponding certificate guarantees the gradation of service quality, service efficiency and business process support with respect to warranty as laid down in the standard.
In addition, Boretti products have a CE mark. This confirms, that the product complies with the applicable European directives related to product safety.

6. Exclusions from the warranty

Boretti's warranty obligation expires if one or more of the following circumstances occurs. You have no warranty if a malfunction, defect or damage

  • Has been caused by repairs carried out by a non-authorized repairer; was caused by unforeseen weather conditions, such as lightning damage, fire damage and natural disasters;
  • Has arisen as a result of negligent maintenance;
  • Was inflicted intentionally (abuse, neglect);
  • Is the result of user errors, due to non-compliance with the instructions for use;
  • Is the direct result of changes/modifications to products by a third party;
  • Is caused by non-compliance with the installation instructions;
  • Was caused by insufficient protection of the outdoor products against the effects of weather


Upon delivery of products, small scratches cannot be completely ruled out. There is no warranty for these, if they are not clearly visible at 2 meters distance. In addition, any warranty for scratches and dents that are not reported upon delivery will be rejected.

7. Other stipulations

  • The warranty is transferable to a new owner within the set warranty period;
  • This warranty applies only to products purchased from a Boretti B.V. authorized dealer;
  • If no warranty, please refer to www.boretti.com/nl/service/reparatie-service/tarieven for repair rates.

8. Contact
It goes without saying that our service department employees will be happy to talk to you about our outdoor products. For more information you can contact us on working days from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 16.00 hours. You can contact our service department directly using the following contact details:
Telephone: +31(0)20-436 35 25
Website: www.boretti.com/nl/service/service-aanvraag